In an On Grid system, the user and the DISCOM are binded by the Net-Metering Contract, which enormously benefit both the parties. In the non-solar houses, the electrical energy is imported, as per the need, and DISCOM charges an amount based on the number of electrical units consumed by the user.

But in an On Grid Solar system enabled house, the energy requirements are met by the Solar Power plant installed on the roof. During day time, the system generally generates more energy than required, this extra energy is automatically exported to the grid, and that amount is registered on a Net-Meter. While during the night, when the system is shut down, the energy requirements are met by importing the electrical energy from the grid, which again is recorded on the Net-Meter.

This is where our team helps you to obtain a Zero Rupees Bill, by calculating your demand, and designing your Solar System, such that the amount of energy imported is matched or surpassed by the Electrical units exported for a major part of the year.

Take a look at this table as an example. Here ‘Units Tally for billing is only used when Units imported is greater than Units Exported, otherwise its taken as ‘0’.


  • Users with stable electrical connection with DISCOMs.
  • Users in area with lower frequency of power cuts.