There are various applications of Solar Power Plants that can benefit directly or indirectly and have a vast impact.
Individual level
  • An ON-GRID solar system can be useful to direct reduce your electricity bill to zero, resulting in huge savings.
  • The OFF-GRID system will make you completely independent and will never have to worry about about frequency power outages in your area.
Society/Complex/Colony level
  • An ON-GRID system is a highly recommended investment as the electricity bills of societies are big, and such power plants will help completely reduce the electricity bill to zero.
  • Larger societies with multiples lifts, water supply pumps, constantly running fire safety and hydrant pumps, etc. can reap the maximum benefit from this powerplant. Also can be used for premises and floor lighting and illumination and other purposes which can help in cost cutting.
  • This savings in electricity bill will also help an individual as this will result in lower monthly maintenance charges.
This kinds of investment in solar power system not only makes your property energy and cost efficient; but also makes it look elegant, tech-savvy and more attractive for buyers and greatly helps in increasing the resale value of your house/property.
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Types of Solar PV System
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